Kenji Wada

privacy policy

プライバシーポリシーについて(Privacy Policy)

これは本アプリケーション「ikatomo 2」を利用されるユーザーのためのプライバシーポリシーです。本アプリケーションは、ユーザーのプライバシーを尊重し、ユーザーの個人情報およびアクセス情報の取り扱いについて細心の注意を払うものとします。

The following is the privacy policy for users of the application “ikatomo 2”. We value our user’s personal and access information, and take the utmost care in managing it.

個人情報の取得について(Regarding the acquisition of personal information)


The application may retain personal information and access information gathered through forms and cookies within the application.

個人情報の利用目的について(Regarding the use of personal information)


This application may use acquired access information for the purpose of improving user convenience.

アプリケーション内での個人情報の保持について(Regarding the retention of personal information within the application)


When this app gathers your personal data, there is no way to specify which of the information is retained.

個人情報の第三者への提供について(Regarding transmission of personal information to third parties)


Data collected from this application will never be transmitted to a third party. However, when accessing the third party service through this application, your personal information may be acquired based on the third party’s privacy policy.
For information on the third party’s privacy policy, please see the following page.

プライバシーポリシーの改定について(Regarding changes to the privacy policy)


This app’s privacy policy can be altered without prior warning. In the event of any changes, details will be published on the following page.